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July 29th, 2011 - St. Louis Furries

About July 29th, 2011

08:20 am
As you may or may not know, a local fursuiter by the names of Anubis / Phenobarb Wolf / Simba T Lion passed away back in February of this year.
His family has asked me to help them sort out his earthly possessions, and I need some help.

My understanding is that there was a website(s) that he used to posted his fursuit pictures on, and I need to find as many of them as possible for the upcoming eBay sales. If anyone can point me in the proper direction to find these photos, it would help us out a lot. Or even better if you happen to have some of his photos that you could email, that would help out greatly as well.

And on a side note, yes, I will be posting the list of auctions here when they are ready.
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