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Saint Louis Pride This Weekend!!! - St. Louis Furries

About Saint Louis Pride This Weekend!!!

Previous Entry Saint Louis Pride This Weekend!!! Jun. 23rd, 2010 @ 04:45 pm Next Entry
Pride weekend is upon us!

Friday - Anyone want to do coffee or something? Maybe hit one of the places along Grand Ave that has outside seating?

Saturday - Pridefest earlier in the day. It opens at 11am so meet up there around that time. If anyone wants to Fursuit they have always been well received at Pridefest. Hang out at Pridefest till we are ready to go. Just remember it’s going to be VERY hot. Please make sure and have money for water or something or bring your own.

Saturday evening - Pride Potluck at the BBH, 6267 Famous. 6pm till whenever. Potluck rules apply....Let me know if you plan to join so we can plan accordingly

Potluck rules - The whole purpose of a Potluck is a gathering where everyone brings a dish to share. The rule of thumb is that what ever you bring should be enough for 4-6 people to each have a decent serving. Look at it like going out got a decent dinner. You would probably spend $15 plus for Chili's or Fudruckers, and you are getting a hellacious amount of food that you will have at, so spend accordingly. Nothing pisses off a host more than a mooch. If you want to come but can't financially afford to get something, talk to the host upfront/privately BEFORE the event about it. Heck if nothing else offer to do dishes, take out the trash or help clean up. Contribute how you can that will help the host!

Sunday - Looks like it’s going to be a steamy one!!! Right now the current weather forecast for Sunday (parade doesn’t start till noon) is 97 with a possible heat index of 115 to 120 with an Excessive Heat Warning. We have been invited by Novak’s which will have a “Beach” theme (you should plan accordingly if you want to be with them) or JJ’s to march with them in the parade. (Bad Dog is not having a parade entry this year from what I have been told) Quite honestly with the time we have to be there for staging (roughly 2 hours prior to kick off at Noon) then waiting for the actual kick off it’s usually a minimum of 4-6 hours you will be on the blacktop with very little shade around. For this reason, I know myself along with a few others are going to watch the parade this year rather than marching. We will probably be by Cheap TRX and hang with our friends there to see the parade. Then after the parade we will go someplace for a nice lunch where it’s COOL!

So Happy Pride Everyone! See you this weekend!
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Date:June 24th, 2010 07:19 pm (UTC)
How about Ted Drewes Friday night?
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Date:June 24th, 2010 07:36 pm (UTC)
Hmmm that's a possibility! Maybe later in the evening :) like 8ish?
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